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Apply to Become AFN Ambassador

The AFN Ambassador’s role is to promote the Project and company’s image. We want you to create successful natives that promote our project and be a part of our successful journey. Being our ambassador we would require you to fill the form below

scan and forward to

If qualified, We will supply promotional materials such as Customized shirts, Banners and flyers to be handed out to friends, family, teammates or Followers. To be used in promoting AFN through your social media and community platforms. You can Organize events in your Region, Get merchants on the platform, fire up and broaden a whole new AFN community. We require our Ambassadors to post at least four pictures/videos every month wearing AFN clothing or accessories, on the relevant social media channels using Trending hashtags not forgetting to tag us

What’s in it for you? (BENEFITS)

1. In return for your work and support we will do everything in our power to Support you as our ambassador

2. All AFN Ambassadors will receive a Periodic special Reward From the Ambassadors pool (5M AFN)

3. Potential to make extra money. We will offer each AFN Ambassador with a 10% Commission on any successful Investor Introduced that invests up to 20BNB on any of our products. You can also refer merchants to our platform and a refferal commission on transactions made by them.

4. We will offer you the opportunity (optional) to be Featured or Inducted into our Hall of Heroes page. With a picture, a short bio and links to any of your social media profiles

5. We will host Ambassador Events all over the world at least once a year, where we announce and award the most productive 3 Ambassadors.

You will be involved with product development, testing and make vital suggestions.

NOTE: There is a 3-months Trial period as we’d like to evaluate your activity online and offline, if you’ve done the amazing job that we are expecting after the first 3 months you will be announced our ambassador from that country, state or region.