Youtube Campaign

Youtube Campaign


1. Only 2 video per week per account is allowed

2. YouTube campaign Report Example

Post(s) URL: *URL to your sharing post(s)*

Stake levels will be according to Number of Subscribers as follows:

Low-Stake = 100-500 Subscribers

Medium-Stake = 501-1500 Subscribers

High-Stake = 1501-2500 Subscribers

Xhigh-Stake = 2501-4000 Subscribers

XXhigh-Stake = 4001-6000 Subscribers

Maxi-Satke 6001 and above Subscribers


1. You must follow AFN official YouTube Channel

2. You must create at least 3 of your original videos (Reviews) about AFN or BitReserve

3. Content should be original and high quality

3. Content about AFN should be a minimum of 1 min.

4. Participants are required not to release all videos on the same day. Each video should take at least a day interval before the other.

5. An account can only participate once in the Bounty program

6. Videos that do not have human voice over will only receive 50% of the total bounty Qualified for.

Submission link will be provided once the bounty is active.